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Digital Commons@Butler University: Digital Commons

Who can contribute?

Individuals affiliated with any Butler University, college, department, program, or other campus unit can contribute content. If you have something you would like to submit please contact Olivia MacIsaac at (9206).

What if my contribution is not in digital format?

If you have a work or research that is not in a digital format and needs to be digitized, the library can assist with this. Please contact Josh Petrusa for assistance with digitizing your material. 

Why contribute?

The BU Digital Commons is a valuable way to extend the scholarly output of Butler University to include greater reach and increased circulation not only in Indiana, but throughout the country and beyond. This increased visibility, awareness, and stability benefits both content creators and Butler University as well. Some of the benefits include:

  • Visibility of your work in a centralized location means more of your peers can find and cite your work (via searches in Google Scholar and other federated search engines), providing you with a wider audience.
  • Inclusion of your work in the full range of research conducted at Butler University provides you with institutional recognition.
  • Context for your work, placing you side-by-side with the scholarly and creative contributions of your colleagues.
  • Creates a digital archive of your work.
  • Continuity so that your work is assured a stable online location that can be cited now and in the future.
  • Complements existing print and electronic sources in your field.
  • Submitting your works to the BU Digital Commons can help meet the criterion of some grants with data-sharing aspects. 

What kind of material can be placed in the Digital Commons?

BU Digital Commons can accept any material that is in digital form.  A wide range of digital material can be placed in the repository, including but not limited to text, video, image, and audio files.  If your digital objects consists of multiple files of different formats, it will be placed in the repository as a set (for example: as a PDF file with associated files).  Possible material to place in the BU Digital Commons includes but is not limited to the list below:


• Articles and preprints

• Technical reports

• Working papers

• Conference papers/presentations

• Dissertations/theses/practicums/capstone projects

• Out of copyright books in digital format

• Data Sets


Please be advised that the Digital Commons is not a place to publish personal or hobby content. Materials submitted must be related in some way to your role with Butler University.

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Josh Petrusa
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