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Digital Commons @ Butler University

What is Digital Commons @ Butler University?

Butler University's Digital Commons promotes discovery, research, cross-disciplinary collaboration and instruction by collecting, preserving and providing electronic access to select faculty work created at Butler University. The repository also provides access to relevant documents created by administrative offices, departments and programs at Butler. The goals of the repository are to:

  • Provide persistent and centralized access to select Butler scholarship
  • Promote faculty work on a global stage
  • Preserve the history, growth and development of Butler scholarship

What is an institutional repository?

This repository is a service of:

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Scholars of Butler University have conducted and continue to conduct research across a variety of disciplines. As a liberal arts school, an institutional repository (IR) allows Butler to gather and maintain the scholarly output produced by members of all departments and provide worldwide access to their materials. Scholarship may appear in the following forms and may include peer-reviewed publications and materials unpublished elsewhere:

  • Articles and preprints
  • Technical reports
  • Working papers
  • Conference papers/presentations
  • Dissertations/theses/practicums/capstone projects
  • Out of copyright books in digital format
  • Data Sets


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