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Digital Commons@Butler University: SelectedWorks

What is SelectedWorks?

SelectedWorks is a web-based service administered by the Irwin Library on behalf of Butler faculty. It provides faculty with clean, elegantly designed scholarly publication pages. Sites are customized to match the look and feel of the institution's web presence.

How do I get a SelectedWorks page?

To get started please contact Olivia MacIsaac at

Advantages of SelectedWorks

Why SelectedWorks?
SelectedWorks allows you to promote your scholarship to a global audience.  It makes your work discoverable by content aggregators and library catalogs. In addition, pages are optimized for discovery which means that your page will rank higher than a personal web site in Google and other search engines.

Will all my publications be added?
The fulltext of your publications will be added to your SelectedWorks page based on the permissions guidelines for each individual publisher. We follow this formula, in order:

  1. Investigate all permissions on behalf of a contributor for all publications listed on their curriculum vitae.
  2. If permitted by the publisher, upload the original article to our repository.
  3. If the original is not allowed, upload a permissible version (e.g. pre-print, postprint, etc.).
  4. If permission is denied altogether, link to a full text database or other alternative full text source.

Can SelectedWorks be customized?
Irwin Library can customize SelectedWorks sites in several ways. Typical options include: Your photo, an introductory paragraph (brief bio. or personal information), your CV, contact information, honors and awards, areas of expertise, courses taught and links to additional resources.

The library recommends that you have a picture, your CV and your contact information as a minimum.  Please note that layout and design are not customizable, only content.

Statistics provided by SelectedWorks
Once there is content available on your site you will receive monthly download reports. In addition, the library can run a custom report for you.

What happens if I leave BU?
You can keep your SelectedWorks site up and available when you leave an institution because all content posted is perpetually available.  If your new institution also has a SelectedWorks account, then you can change your current SelectedWorks account to reflect the look and feel of your new institution.

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