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Clarinet Studio Class: Useful search terms

This guide is designed to help clarinet students locate important books, scores, recordings, A-V materials for, and performers of their instrument (i.e., the clarinet).

Related search terms

Don't forget to think about related terms in foreign languages (especially French, German, and Italian)

Alto clarinet
Bass Clarinet
Basset clarinet
Basset horn
Clarinete (Spanish)
Clarinette (French)
Clarinette d'amour
Clarinetto (Italian)
Contrabass clarinet
Groupe des vents(French)

Instrumentos de viento (Spanish)
Klarinette (German)

Quinteto de vientos (Spanish)

Quintette a vents (French with accent grave over "a")

Quintetto per fiati

Strumenti a fiatto (Italian)

Trio d'anches (French)

Trio de ance (Italian)



Relevant LC Subject Headings

Alexander technique
Bass clarinet
Basset clarinet
Clarinet and piano music, Arranged
Clarinet Bibliography

Clarinet Breath control
Clarinet History

Clarinet Instruction and study

Clarinet Methods
Clarinet Methods (Jazz)
Clarinet music
Clarinet Orchestra studies
Clarinet Reeds
Clarinet Studies and exercises

Clarinet music Bibliography

Clarinet music Discography
Clarinet Fingering Charts

Clarinet reeds

Clarinetists Bibliography

Concertos (Clarinet) Solo with piano

Musicians Health and hygiene

Practicing (Music)

Sonatas (Clarinet and piano) Scores and parts

Wind quintets (Bassoon, clarinet, flute, horn, oboe) Parts

Woodwind trios (Bassoon, clarinet, flute) Parts


Early Clarinets

Chalumeau by Aarran02. Used under CC BY-SA 4.0 


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