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ED673: Research for School Counselors (Abel): Welcome

Course guide for ED673


Welcome to the Research for School Counselors course guide! 

I'm happy to help you with your research.  Please let me know when you have questions. 

Some introductory material is shown on this page and you can use the tabs above for more information.

Introduction to the library home page


library home page

ASK - Click on the ASK button if you have questions (or, contact me directly)

1: WorldCat Discovery search box - use when searching for books, articles, videos, and more all at once

2: Databases (alphabetical or by subject) - covering many topics and formats for more focused searches

3: Journals A-Z - to check for access to a specific journal

4: LibGuides (online guides) - for help with many topics

5: Interlibrary Loan - use when you need to borrow items from other libraries (see box at right)



Librarian Profile

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Janice Gustaferro
Irwin Library, Room 327

(317) 940-9349

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Subjects: Education

Introduction to the Library

5: Interlibrary Loan

You have access to many articles, books, videos, and more through the library.  However, if you need an item that is not available through the library, you can request it through Interlibrary Loan.  (You should not need to buy anything on your own.) 

If you find an item you need that is not available through the library, click on the Request item through Interlibrary Loan buttonInterlibrary Loan link which will prompt you to log in to your Interlibrary Loan account and you can submit the request (which should be filled out for you once you log in).

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