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ED673: Research for School Counselors (Keller): Welcome

Course guide for ED673


Welcome to the Research for School Counselors course guide! 

I'm happy to help you with your research.  Please let me know when you have questions.

iceberg analogy with the world of information (and how the library can help you)

The image above shows an analogy between the world of information and an iceberg.  The part of the iceberg above the water represents content available to everyone online.  However, a lot of information is not available to everyone online.  For example, it might require payment or may not be available in electronic format.  The library can help you to access some of this content.

The image above represents an analogy between bicycles and search tools.  A bicycle with few extra features (which would be easy to learn to use) is analogous to Google which is also easy to use but, with few features, may make it more difficult to focus your search.  A bicycle with many extra features is analogous to library databases which also have many features.  It may take a bit longer to learn these search features, but they may help you to narrow down your search to find what you need.

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