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Getting out of the Rut: IDEA Toolkit for Arts Pedagogy

This toolkit supports the Faculty Workshop offered through JCA: "Getting out of the Rut: creative ways to think about diversity and inclusion in your pedagogy and scholarship"

Resource List

Link to the Worksheet Template from the Faculty Workshop (available to all within the Butler community) -- this is View/Read-only access, please make a copy if you would like to edit, remix, or reuse in another context.

Link to the Workshop Slides (available to all within the Butler community) -- by popular demand, the slides, including the image of Axes of Privilege, have been uploaded for View/Read access.

The links below are general arts related resources, for department specific resources, see the different links in the sidebar.

Butler Resources

Center for Academic Technologies:

Generative AI Innovation Grant: submit by 12/22/23 for $150, submit by 2/23/24 for $100 to develop an AI class activity

Faculty Fellows Program:

Academic Technology and Innovation Pilot Mini-Grant (ATIG)

Faculty Learning Community: Classroom Technology in Support of Active Learning

Reading Circle: Digital Pedagogies in the Humanities

Faculty Development at Butler:

Peer-to-peer mentoring

Calendar of Events (including the Inclusion Advocacy program, the Brown Bag Series, and the Food for Thought series)

Internal Grant Funding

The Matching Fund

The Equipment Fund

The Butler Awards Committee

  • The BAC supports mini-grants of up to $500 (with rolling application deadlines on the first of each month)
  • They also support Short Course/Workshop attendance (up to $500 domestic, or $750 international)
  • They will fund you to travel to present at conferences, once per fiscal year to help stretch travel funds
  • You can apply for up to $1000 to design a new course or revise an existing one
  • If you're tenured, or working towards tenure, there is up to $7000 available for faculty research

The Office of the Provost also maintains a list of internal grant opportunities for course enhancement, assessment, and development.

DEI Innovation Fund is designed to inspire ideas and engage the Butler community in creating a more diverse, inclusive and equitable learning and working environment. We seek proposals for new ideas as well as opportunities to fund successful existing campus initiatives that can be enhanced or expanded.

PALSave Grants (from the Private Academic Library Network of Indiana)

  • Get up to $200 to explore alternative open textbook solutions that can often highlight overlooked voices and contributions within your field. 
  • Get up to $500 to redesign your course and switch to a zero-cost open access textbook
  • Get up to $6500 to create a new open access textbook

Keywords and Search Terms

Keywords and Search Terms for finding resources related to teaching diversity and social justice:

  • critical pedagogy
  • multicutural education
  • social justice
  • culturally relevant teaching
  • culturally relevant pedagogy
  • social justice and education
  • transformative learning
  • discrimination in education
  • decolonization
  • urban education
  • intercultural communication
  • cultural pluralism
  • anti-racism in teaching
  • racial justice
  • inclusive education
  • college teaching
  • first generation college students
  • student diversity
  • teaching methods
  • college campuses 
  • intersectionality

This list was developed by the University of Minnesota:


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