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e-Portfolios: Where to Begin

Creating an e-Portfolio

The first thing to do when starting your e-portfolio project is to choose the site that works best for you. Here at Butler, we recommend using either Weebly or Wix, as they both have relatively intuitive interfaces, while also providing all the tools you need to set up your own portfolio. Take a look at the Weebly and Wix sites, as well as the info graphic below, and decide which fits best for you and your project.

When you've decided, it's time to get inspired! Look around at the other e-Portfolio examples we've provided. Find different ideas to try out, get a sense of your own aesthetic, and get started.

If you ever find yourself stuck, take a look at the resource videos we've provided—they should be able to answer your questions! If you still can't figure it out, you can always come to the Center for Academic Technology, located on the third floor of Irwin Library, or get in touch with the Information Commons Desk, located on the first floor of Irwin Library.

E-Portfolio Platform Comparison chart


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