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MS 377 Health Care and Technology (Miller)

Finding the Article

One of the easiest ways to find scholarly journal articles is to search the databases available from the Butler University Libraries website.  If you know the name of the database, use the Databases A-Z link to access it. 

You can also start your search by browsing a collection of Business or Health Sciences databases.   Another options for findings scholarly journal articles is Google Scholar (linked below). 

TIP:  Start with the databases called "Health Business" and "PubMed."

If you are trying to find an article from a specific journal, follow these steps on the Library website to determine if the Library has access to the journal and where to find it.

  1. Start at the Library website (linked below), and open "Journals A-Z." 
  2. Click on the "Journals" button and enter the title of the journal you need. Tip:  If you know the exact title, choose "Match Exact Words" under Search Type.
  3. Select the title of the journal and then look in the right column to identify the databases that provide full-text access to articles in that journal.  *Note the dates of availability; some databases provide journal articles for a limited year range.
  4. Find the database you want to use and then click on the journal name to go directly to issues of that journal as available in that database.

Search Tips in EBSCO Databases

Publications menu heading:  If you want to find articles in a specific journal, go to the Publications heading at the top of the screen. Search by publication title and browse table of contents by issue.


Browse Subjects:  If you are not sure of your topic, you can browse a list of subjects in the database before you begin searching. Start by going to the "Subjects" or "Thesaurus" menu at top of screen to enter your subject and find related subject headings to search.  You can also filter by subject on the results screen after you conduct a search.



Advanced Search option:  Enter keywords in the search box and the title of publication as the Source (ex:  "Journal of Healthcare Management"). Filter by publication, date, and subject. 

Note:  On the search results screen, it is important to use filters (limiters) to narrow results to specific dates and publications.

How do I search PubMed?

  1. Identify the key concepts for your search. 
  2. Enter the terms (or key concepts) in the search box.
  3. Press the Enter key or click Search.

For many searches, it is not necessary to use special tags or syntax. PubMed uses multiple tools to help you find relevant results:

  • Best Match sort order uses a state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm to place the most relevant citations at the top of your results.
  • An autocomplete feature displays suggestions as you type your search terms. This feature is based on PubMed query log analysis described in “ Finding Query Suggestions for PubMed .”
  • A spell checking feature suggests alternative spellings for search terms that may include misspellings.
  • A citation sensor displays suggested results for searches that include terms characteristic of citation searching, e.g., author names, journal titles, publication dates, and article titles.


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