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FYS: Physics and the Arts (Reed)

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Joel Atkinson
Subjects: Communication


Welcome to the LibGuide for the First Year Seminar:

Physics and the Arts

This guide is meant to help you develop the skills and tools to accomplish your course objectives:

  • To reflect on significant questions about yourself, your community, and your world.
  • To develop the capacity to read and think critically.
  • To develop the capacity to write clear and persuasive expository and argumentative essays with an emphasis on thesis formation and development.
  • To gain an understanding of basic principles of oral communication as they apply to classroom discussion.
  • To understand the liberal arts as a vital and evolving tradition and to see yourself as agents within that tradition.
  • To develop capacities for careful and open reflection on questions of values and norms.
  • To develop the ability to carry out research for the purpose of inquiry and to support claims.

The library (and your librarian) are here to help you! Use us early and often!

Project Resources

Begin your search here:  WorldCat Discovery-a mega search tool!

Find books, articles, media, and more at Butler and beyond


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3/22 In-class Assignment


Go to the link below for your class, then go to your group's slide and use the Text Box option to add synonyms/keywords/related terms/phrases for your topic & assignment:

9:35am Google Jamboard

1pm Google Jamboard

Group 1 - Graphic Novels
Group 2 - Plays/Theater
Group 3 - Film

In-class searching

Use this time to search the library databases listed above, using the keywords/phrases you developed in the activity above. Let me know if you need help!


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