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Resources to Think About

If you're looking for a way to start thinking about your research, try reference! Encyclopedias, research guides, and annotated bibliographies are great ways to get an overview on academic sources in the field!

The resources below are guides and overviews that can point you toward resources,specialized vocabulary and current scholarly interests in the field of ludomusicology!

Books on specific game franchises:

Because ludomusicology is a new field, much of what can be found is either published chapters in larger anthologies or (more frequently) articles in journals that are broader than the subdiscipline.  It isn't a bad idea to explore music databases, like RILM or the Music Periodicals Database, with keywords like "video games" to find music-focused articles about video games.  Likewise, searching JSTOR or Project Muse (general humanities databases) for "video games" AND "music" will help you find articles published across the academy in subjects such as anthropology, sociology, game studies, and media studies that can also inform your research.


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