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MK 280: Principles of Marketing (Robinson)


  • If you know the name of the database you need, start with the Databases A-Z tab above.
  • Click on the other tabs to find databases by topic and type of source (ex: Wall Street Journal).

The following databases are the best starting points for your assignment: 

  1. Mintel for market research reports on consumers and brands
  2. One Business for trade publications and scholarly articles
  3. Wall Street Journal for business news articles 

Note: The profiles in company databases are brief overviews and typically do not include specifics on company marketing strategies. 

For company marketing information, use other databases linked on this guide (ex:  Mintel and One Business).

Start with the Mintel database to look for reports on consumer trends. 

  • Some Mintel reports include a Databook, which includes responses from consumer surveys. 
  • If you cannot find a report on a specific company's target market, look for information on the target market for the industry.

Statista includes infographics you can include in your papers and presentations.

An industry report will address trends and challenges that impact companies that operate within that industry. 

While a specific company may be mentioned in the report, the focus will be on the overall industry.


  • It usually helps to filter search results by date. Be aware of important dates relevant to your topic (ex:  year a new brand was introduced) and narrow your results by time period.
  • Also try filtering your results by Source Type (ex: trade publications, scholarly). 
  • Scholarly articles may also be referred to as "academic" or "peer-reviewed" articles.

Two ways to find Wall Street Journal (WSJ) articles:

  1. Use the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) database linked below for full-text articles back to 1984.    OR
  2. Find recent WSJ articles by using your free Butler WSJ account at  *If you have not yet set up your free WSJ account, see the instructions below. 


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