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MK 280: Principles of Marketing (Robinson)


Welcome to the LibGuide for the MK 280 course taught by Professor Robinson.  This guide has been created to help you find and use reliable sources of information for your Application Essay assignment. 

Questions?  Go to the "Contact Librarian" box on this guide to ask your Librarian for help.

Business Information Sources

Much of the business information you will find is available from the following types of sources:

  1. Corporate (ex:  company websites)
  2. General Business (ex:  Wall Street Journal articles)
  3. Government (ex:  SEC filings, U.S. Census Bureau)
  4. Market Research:  (ex:  consumer profiles and industry reports)
  5. Trade (ex:  trade associations and publications)   

Consider the audience that would have an interest in your topic and look for information from the types of sources targeted to that audience.  For example, those affiliated with a specific type of business (ex:  restaurants), may seek information from a trade publication such as "Nation's Restaurant News." 


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