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Google Drive: Google Documents

How to use Google Drive. Specifically Google Docs, Presentations, Basic Sharing and Using Drive in a Collaborative Manner.

What is a Google Doc?

Google Docs are similar to Word Documents, however they are an online format. You can write papers, upload images and do all of the other creative works that you have done using Word Documents.

Creating a Google Doc

Now that you have accessed Google Drive locate the menu on the left hand side and click "Create." Choose Document from the drop down menu.




Titling a Document

Click on the highlighted region and type a title for your document into the text box.

Basic Functions

1. Undo Button

2. Font

3. Font Size

4. Text Color

5. Text Alignment

6. Line Spacing

Creating a Google Doc

Titling a Document


Basic Functions

           1                  2      3         4        5    6 


Using Google Docs

Now that you know how to set up a document and some of the basic functions you are prepared to use Google Docs. Typing and editting your paper is similar to processes in Word now you just have to familiarize yourself with the new format.

Good Luck :)


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