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Google Drive: Google Presentation

How to use Google Drive. Specifically Google Docs, Presentations, Basic Sharing and Using Drive in a Collaborative Manner.

What is Google Presentation?

Google Presentation is where you can create slideshows on Google Drive.

Choosing Your Theme



Choose your desired theme and click OK.

If you ever wish to change your theme or this option doesn't automatically pop up you can choose the "Theme" button which is #7 in the illustration below.

Menu Bar

The menu bar is similar to a menu bar you would find in Word or in Google Docs.

I would like to specifically highlight the "Arrange" option.

1. Click on a picture or text box then select "Arrange." Using this tool you can orient your image/text box however you want it using commands such as rotate, align horizontally, order, etc.

Tool Bar

1. Insert text box

2. Insert image

3. Insert Shape

4. Insert Line

5. Change the background

6. Change the slide layout

7. Change presentation theme

8. Create transitions

Extra Information: To easily add a new slide press "Ctrl M"

Creating your Google Presentation

To create your Google Presentation click the  button and choose Presentation.

Next this screen will pop up.


Menu Bar






Tool Bar

                                   1  2   3   4               5          6        7       8  






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