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Research resources for theatre courses offered at Jordan College of Fine Arts, Butler University, Indianapolis, IN.


Logo modeled after the MGM logo featuring a bulldog instead of a roaring lion with the words "Butler University Theatre" circling the bulldog. This logo appeared on Butler theatre posters created by Thomas Riggin during the 1977-78 academic year.Welcome to the Theatre Research Guide!

Butler University offers the following degrees in Theatre:

     B.A. in Theatre
     B.F.A. in Acting
     B.S. in Arts Administration / Theatre concentration

Butler University offers the following optional additions within a Theatre major :

  •      Emphasis in Acting
  •      Emphasis in Stage Management
  •      Emphasis in Directing
  •      Emphasis in Set and Lighting Design / Technical Theatre
  •      Emphasis in Costume Design / Technical Theatre
  •      Emphasis in Music Theatre

The Butler Libraries seek to provide resources in various formats that support learning and research in these areas.  This guide is designed to help make you, the user, more aware of the various kinds and types of resources available to you.  The resources on this guide do not constitute an exhaustive list.  They have been selected as a representative sampling designed to help get you started in your research.



Image Credit: Theatre Logo possibly by Thomas Riggin, permissions granted under InC-EDU (in copyright - educational use permitted) 1.0. Description from the 75th anniversary celebration: Logo that appeared on theatre posters created by Thomas Riggin during the 1977-78 academic year.

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