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Research resources for theatre courses offered at Jordan College of Fine Arts, Butler University, Indianapolis, IN.

Costuming Resources

Items in the catalog are assigned Subject Headings in the catalog.  Subject Headings are meant to capture the most essential themes and content of the material (books, recordings, eResources, etc.).  When you search by subjects, you are able to find a smaller collection of items that share the same essential subject matter.  In catalog records, subjects are hyperlinked so that you can click on related subjects to browse related groups of items. 

Subject headings can often be combined into a single subject with different facets.  For example, if you search not just Clothing and dress but Clothing and dress--Great Britain you get results that limit to clothing from a particular geographic region (Great Britain), or you can get even more specific with Clothing and dress--Great Britain--History, or even Clothing and dress--Great Britain--History--17th century which will limit you to resources about the history of 17th century costumes in Great Britain.  Once you have the pattern in mind, you can add and subtract facets as needed. 

Here are some examples of subject headings and ways you can combine them:

Beauty culture -- United States -- History

Clothing and dress

Clothing and dress -- Assyria

Clothing and dress -- History

Clothing and dress -- History -- To 500

Clothing and dress -- History -- Medieval, 500-1500

Clothing and dress -- Byzantine Empire -- History

Clothing and dress -- Egypt -- History

Clothing and dress -- Greece -- History

Clothing and dress -- Iran

Clothing and dress -- Rome -- History

Clothing and dress in art


Costume bibliography

Costume design

Costume designers -- New York (State) -- New York -- Biography --Dictionaries

Costume -- History

Fashion -- History

Footwear -- History

Hairdressing -- History

Hairdressing of African Americans

Hairstyles -- Encyclopedias

Hairstyles -- History

Jewelry -- History


Mask making


Shoes -- History



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