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TI 234: Reel America (Deno): Deno TI 234 Reel America

This library research guide supports program areas that are a part of Butler University's College of Communication and courses across campus focused on film studies.

Chicago/Turabian Style

Link to the Chicago/Turabian style guide

Using Google Docs


How to Avoid Plagiairism

Reception Paper Resources

Primary Sources

Via your assignment: Learning to locate primary sources and to use databases: You will have approximately 5-7 primary sources based on your research. Please be sure to provide proper citations and a URL.

You will be using this database to  "locate at least two sources related to your film either directly or indirectly."  To make sure your professor can get to these sources you include the URL from the bottom in the Source Citation but you may still want to point to the specific pages/documents that you used. 

Register for free and search. Be sure to go into the records and then search, do not use the "Site Search" in the top corner. 

Find at least two sources from this collection. Use the "Book/Volume Details" to help you cite these sources. 

The reception resources below are not necessarily related explicitly to censorship or industry writing but will help you analyze how the film/movie was received/viewed at the time; for example Reader's Guide and the various newspaper databases lead you to magazine and newspaper articles from when the film was released.  They are PRIMARY source databases.

Secondary Sources:  (Research about the films)

You will need at least 2 secondary, academic articles for your paper. The following databases can help you:


Class Text

Popular Sites

Popular Sources:  use to generate ideas and perspectives for your research.


Keeping Track of Your Citations
Zotero Citation Management Tool

Contact Sally Neal, Librarian at Butler Libraries, for help in using this tool.


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