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AM 226/426/626: Piano Studio Class

This guide will help you locate piano-related materials, including scores and recordings; help you find piano pedagogy materials, and information about composers.

LC Headings for Piano Materials

The Butler Libraries us the Library of Congress (LC) classification scheme for its materials.  This is an alpha-numeric system.  Each call number begins with a letter or letters followed by a number designating a particular topic.  In music, all books and scores are classed wtih the letters "M," "ML," or "MT."

M = Scores

ML = Books about music (i.e., music literature or history)

MT= Materials about music theory or pedagogy (i.e., teaching materials)

Simplified overview of the LC classes relevant to the study of the piano:

Analytical guides: MT140+
Bibliography: ML128.P3
   Discography: ML 156.4 P5
   Graded lists: ML132.P3
Dictionaries: ML102.P5
Pianists: ML397 (Collected biography), ML417 (Biographies of individual performers)
Biographies of individual composers (cuttered by last name of composer): ML410
History and criticism: ML650+
   Construction: ML652+
Instruction and study (studies, methods, etc.): MT220+(MT252)
   Accompaniment: MT239
   For children: MT745+
   Four hand-Two pianos: MT242
Instrumental music: M20+
   Duets: M200+

Detailed breadkown of score designations:

M20 - M39   Piano music (Solo)

M20 - M22   Collections

M23               Sonatas

M24               Suites

M25               Other separate works

M26               Piano, 1 hand

M27               Variations

M28               Marches

M30 - M32   Dances (polkas, polonaises, waltzes, etc.)

M32.8 - M39   Arrangements for piano

M198 - M216   Piano (4 hands, 2 pianos, etc.)

M310 - M344   Trios with piano

M410 - M444   Quartets with piano

M510 - M549   Quintets with piano (there are also separate numbers for sextets, septets, octets, and nine or more instruments under add'l. nos.)

M1010 - M1011   Piano with orchestra

M1110 - M1111 Piano with string orchestra


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