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COM 215: Speech for Business (Taylor)

Created for Professor Taylor's sections of COM215

Journal Article Citation Format for this Assignment


Lastname, A. (Date). Title of article. Title of Journal, (Volume)issue, page-page. 


Matthies, B., & Sanbourne, Z. (1999). Marketing strategies for libraries. Library Marketing, (7)1, 329‐348. 

Boyte-Eckis, L., Minadeo, D. F., Bailey, S. S., & Bailey, W. C. (2018). Age, gender, and race as predictors of opting for a midterm retest: A statistical analysis of online economics students. The Journal of Business Diversity, 18(1), 17-28. 

James, M. (2010). Emotional intelligence in businessJournal of Business Leadership, (4)3, 33-45. 

Taylor, E. A., Siegele, J. L., Smith, A. B., & Hardin, R. (2018). Applying career construction theory to female National Collegiate Athletic Association division I conference commissioners. Journal Of Sport Management, (32)4, 321-333.

Note: In your work, you should single space and apply a hanging indent.

Basics of APA Tutorial

The Basics of APA Tutorial

(Remember, this is general APA style. You should use the abbreviated version of APA listed on this LibGuide for your citations for this class)

APA Style Manual 7th ed.


How to Avoid Plagiairism

In-Text Citations


(Lastname, Date, p. #)


Libraries are called to market specifically to their populations (Matthies & Sanbourne, 1999, p.42).

Libraries must "meet the needs of whatever communities they serve by gathering direct data" (Matthies & Sanbourne, 1999, p. 24).

Matthies and Sanbourne (1999) found that libraries "are the cultural hubs for many communities" (p. 27). 

Note: In your work, if you quote directly from your source, you will need to use quotation marks and (if possible) include a page number. If your quote is longer than 40 words, you will want to apply long quotation formatting. You can choose to include the author's name in your sentence.  See the In-Text Citations: The Basics page from Purdue's Online Writing Lab for more examples.


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