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ORG 215: Speech for Business (Taylor)

Created for Professor Taylor's sections of ORG215

Peer-Review Limiters

Finding Scholarly/Academic Articles

To locate scholarly/academic articles, your best bet is to look in one of our databases or use WorldCat Discovery and limit your search to articles. You will likely find that there are LOTS of popular sources in with the academic ones, even within our databases. Use the Peer-Review Limiter to your advantage. This option is normally located in the left column; you can see screenshots of this option from WorldCat Discovery (left) and our EBSCO databases (right).

Peer review limiter in WorldCat Discovery searchPeer review limiter in EBSCO

This will limit your search to publications that are most scholarly/academic. It does not necessarily filter to include publications that go through a strict peer-review process. It also does not apply the filter at the article level; occasionally it will allows articles that are not scholarly/academic to come through (for example, an editorial opinion piece can be published in a scholarly journal but the article itself is not scholarly). 

If you have questions about whether or not a source is scholary/academic, ask your professor or a librarian!

How to Tell if a Source is Scholarly/Academic

How To Read a Scholarly Journal Article

This video excels at describing and highlighting the anatomy of scholarly articles and their value to readers.

How to Read a Scholarly Article


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