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HST 342: Votes for Women (Deno): Suffrage Work in Indianapolis

Guide for Dr. Deno's Spring 2018 course

May Wright Sewall

Public Domain image of May Wright Sewall

Graduated from Northwestern Female College in 1866

Helped found Indianapolis Equal Suffrage Society in 1878

Chairman of the Executive Committee of the National Woman Suffrage Association 1882-1890


There is a section from a Northwestern Yearbook from 1894 about notorious alumni with May Wright Sewall included.

This section is from Pages 316-318

Grace Julian Clarke

Graduated from Butler University (B.A. 1884, M.A. 1885)

Helped organize the Indianapolis Woman's Club in 1875

Writer for the Indianapolis Star from 1911 to 1929


Flyer to recruit women of Indiana to the suffrage movement

Flyer written by Grace Julian Clarke to recruit more people into the fight for women's rights

Newspaper Articles



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