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Digital Storytelling: Storytelling Tools

A guide for students, faculty, and staff.

Digital Storytelling with PowerPoint



This 9-minute tutorial will help you explore PowerPoint as a storytelling tool.

Storytelling Tools

Identify a tool that corresponds to your storytelling needs.

Are you using multiple audio tracks? Are you using photos and video, or just photos?

The below table will help you as you work to find a tool that can bring your vision to life.

Copy of Tool Comparison by infocommons

Additional Storytelling Tools

Check out 2015's most popular digital storytelling tools!

Tools included:


Image Editors


You can improve the quality of and add visual interest to photos with free image editors like Pixlr, PicMonkey, and BeFunky Photo Editor (linked below). These editors support photo effects, collage creation, text overlay, borders, and touch ups.



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