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LSB Library Resources: Databases & LibGuides

Resources for teaching and research

Which Database Should I Use?

Review the Business Databases - By Information Need page to determine which database best meets your research need.

Which Database do I use chart

Business LibGuides

Librarians create online research guides called "LibGuides" on a variety of topics to help your students find reliable resources for research. A LibGuide can also be customized for a specific course or assignment.  Some of the most popular business LibGuides are linked below.


Linked below are some of the newest business databases available through Butler Libraries.

Students & Databases

When your students conduct research for course assignments, do they use articles and reports from databases or instead rely on the output of a basic Google search?   One way to tell is to look at the sources they cited.  When students type a business keyword in Google, many of the sources on the results page will be company websites, general news publications, and blogs. 

Some of the most common sources students use from the free internet include:  Business Insider, Forbes, Huffington Post, Investopedia, Money, New York Times, Reuters, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Wikipedia

See a pattern here?  While many news outlets provide reliable information, these are the same sources your students have been using since high school.  Google can be a helpful part of business research; however, a basic Google search does not expose students to a variety of business source types nor lead them to peer-reviewed articles or in-depth market research reports such as those available in Butler's business databases.

Research databases provide students with access to business plans, mapping tools, SWOT analyses, competitor lists, financial statements, industry profiles, consumer survey output, and much more. 

When students bypass databases for a quick Google search, they are cheating themselves out of an important part of their Butler business education--the opportunity to develop the critical thinking skills needed to find, evaluate, and use reliable business information sources. 

What can you do about this?  

  1. Direct your students to the business databases and LibGuides on the Library website. 
  2. Tell them to use the Business Database Help LibGuide to match their information need with a specific database.
  3. Ask your Business Librarian to provide database recommendations for a specific assignment. 
  4. Review the sources cited in papers and consider limiting the number of general news sources that can be cited. 
  5. Look for (or require) citations of sources that are found in databases.


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