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Creating Digital Zines: Make Zines

Design Tips

Color vs. Black and White: As you get started, think about what the end product will be. Do you plan to print your zine in color or black and white? If you plan to print in black and white, you can still choose to use color in the original. Color, patterns, images, and shapes can work together to create a dynamic composition in your zine. This will give your zine dimension even in black and white.  

Edge: You will want to leave a border around your images/illustrations/text. The photocopier may cut off some of your content if it is at the edge of your paper. Try to leave a ½ inch border, if possible.

Layout: Make a plan before you get started. This might mean making a chart so you know which pages will align when your zine is folded. If you are making your zine by hand, consider illustrating one side of the paper to photocopy. This may help you to keep your pages more organized. You can use the photocopier to turn single sheets into a double sided page. 

Zines” by University of Texas Libraries is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Zine Jams in Indy

Every third Wednesday of the month creatives get together to work on zines and teach others how to make zines at Chromatic Collective! Learn more at the Gluestick website.

Print as a Booklet

Watch this video to learn how to print your zine as a booklet. Email if you have questions or need help.


How to Make a Zine

Figuring Out Your Pages

Digital Resources & Templates



Computer-based tools should be used to enhance thoughtfully crafted stories, not to compensate for poorly written ones.


Watch It Happen

Watch to see a zine constructed start to finish by Violet Victoria for a Columbia undergraduate thesis.


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