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GHS210: Digital Media Project: Home

Welcome to your LibGuide!

This is definitely a page you'll want to bookmark and refer to frequently!

Resources for many aspects of your project will be available here, and we'll keep updating the Guide depending on your needs. The Library/Center for Academic Technology support team contact information is also housed on this page. Don't hesitate to reach out whenever you encounter a challenge or have a question.

GHS 210 First Session: Quick Quiz!

GHS 210 Google Slides from First Session

Projects from Previous Semesters

Evaluating a Good Project

When looking at student projects from previous semesters, think about how well they accomplished the following:

  • Content - does it contain useful information? Are there noticeable gaps of information? Is it on topic and seem accurate?
  • Writing - is it clear, concise, and easy to understand?
  • Layout/Structure - does the layout of the site make it easy to navigate? Does the layout help guide you through the content?
  • Use of Sources - does it use several, credible sources? Are they cited properly, yet unobtrusively?
  • Images - is there a good balance of image to text? Do the images relate strongly to the topic and other content?

Megan Grady

Jennifer Raye Coronado



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