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GHS 211: Website Project: Home

Modern Middle East and North Africa--A website project.

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Project Expectations


  • Includes useful and accurate information
  • Remains on topic and goes above and beyond in providing information through explanations, examples, and elaboration


  • Clear, concise, and well-written and edited
  • No serious errors


  • Utilizes more than two pages with clear order and strong organization
  • Consistent labeling and clear navigation

Use of Information Sources

  • Utilizes several sources
  • All sources are credible and academic
  • Cites sources with no errors


  • Images have a strong relation to page/text
  • Most images are produced or edited by student
  • All images are cited properly according to best practices listed on this LibGuide

From your Assignment Description: 

The web page will include:

  • ‚ÄčA thorough and fully-illustrated web-based explanation of the topic for consideration with complete citations for text and images.
  • An explanation of what connections we should make and the reasons we should understand this subject.
  • An attractive, neat, creative, well-designed site with the names of each member of your group associated with the parts contributed by each person.
  • A well-conceived layout of all content. Information must be complete and carefully written. The site must include links to outside resources.
  • Many visuals, including properly-licensed photos but also visualizations that you create (such as charts, tables, graphs, maps, diagrams, etc.)

"This project is not a “report” where you simply provide a bunch of information. On the contrary, creative design and artistic arrangement must be part of the outcome. The page you design should look highly professional and should be appealing in every way. Information has to be brief and precise, since visitors to the site don’t want to wade through a verbal swamp, but it does have to be complete. This will require creativity to balance these requirements. It isn’t easy!"

Website should include the following pages:

  • Home Page/Welcome Page (including your names)
  • Brief Overview of Country
  • History (with at least one timeline)
  • Notoriety (Why should people know about it? What is interesting?))
  • Maps (at least one detailed map of the country, and one contextual map that helps viewers place it)
  • Industry
  • Governmental structure/leadership
  • Culture (pick at least three of the following and create pages for each one: music, literature, religion, cuisine, art, architecture, dance)
  • Works Cited

Elements that should be used:

  • Timelines
  • Soundtracks
  • Videos
  • Recipes
  • Images


  • Within length requirement


  • Student presents information in logical, interesting sequence which engages audience


  • Student demonstrates full knowledge (more than required) through explanations and elaborations
  • Student is able to easily answer questions on the subject

Professional Delivery

  • Student's delivery is strong; uses a clear, loud voice and pronounces everything correctly
  • Student maintains eye contact and engagement with audience
  • Student wears professional attire

Group Role

  • Student identified his/her rols within the group and gave sufficient details about his/her actions within that role
  • Student went above and beyond with group role
  • Clearly made meaningful contributions
  • Displayed above average communication and teamwork skills

Scholarly Communication Librarian

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Jennifer Coronado
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Evaluating a Good Project

Evaluating a Good Project:

When looking at student projects from previous semesters, think about how well they accomplished the following:

  • Content - does it contain useful information? Are there noticeable gaps of information? Is it on topic and seem accurate?
  • Writing - is it clear, concise, and easy to understand?
  • Layout/Structure - does the layout of the site make it easy to navigate? Does the layout help guide you through the content?
  • Use of Sources - does it use several, credible sources? Are they cited properly, yet unobtrusively?
  • Images - is there a good balance of image to text? Do the images relate strongly to the topic and other content?


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