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TH490: Senior Capstone in Theatre ePortfolio Resources: Inspiration


View the collection below of fellow artists and recent graduates. Comments about each site are included below (along with a TLDR summary) to highlight the strengths and areas of improvement for each site; the focus of the feedback is on the site design, accessibility, and technology, not the content.

Set Design Portfolio Examples

Josh Smith Design:

This website favors visual navigation over text, which is appropriate for the medium and content presented. The site navigation is relatively flat with the main categories listed across the top and the productions listed under each category. The splash page highlights the artist's best works upon entrance to the site. The About page is both personal and professional, highlighting key moments from the résumé. The résumé posted as an image is visually interesting and allows most viewers to immediately skim for information; the PDF résumé provides an alternative version needed to make the site accessible as well as a portable version for easier sharing.Andy Broomell home page

TLDR: visual, clean design; simple navigation; accessible


Andy Broomell:

The landing page of Broomell's site immediately displays his variety of experiences through the visual navigation links (which repeats at the bottom of the page when a viewer clicks into a sub-page) and the viewer is immediately introduced to his best works. The page uses multiple forms of multimedia along with Broomell's own narrative. The site is organized with most information on the Portfolio page in a scrolling, linear format, lending to the mobile-friendly design. The About page is short and simple with an option to download his résumé as a PDF. Broomell also includes social media links on this page in addition to the website footer.

TLDR: visual navigation on sub-pages; multiple multimedia used; mobile-friendly; social media links


Stephanie Kerley Schwartz:

Set design works are the focus of the home page; each work is captioned below the image and has a rollover caption with more information. Picture thumbnails have been cropped for a uniform, consistent look. While set design appears to be the main focus, the site also highlights Kerley Schwartz's other skills. The Résumé page contains a link for a full résumé PDF download and lists major awards; while the list of positive press is impressive, it may be more impactful to pull and highlight a smaller collection of the best reviews.

TLDR: picture captions; uniform cropped images; multiple skills represented; reviews section is too long

Costume Design Portfolio Examples

Delena Bradley:

This site starts with an engaging splash page highlighting one of Bradley's best works. Clicking any category then provides the user with a list of works and again highlights the best work in that category. Navigation between the various works is difficult; the viewer must scroll all the way to the top to use the navigation bar or all the way to the bottom to click to the next work. Navigation could be enhanced with a static top level navigation bar and/or a list of all works at the bottom of each subpage. The site could be further improved by adding captions to all images; note the Tempest images were left as the default file names. Bradley does a good job of highlighting all skills while emphasizing costume design. The site utilizes engaging layouts using the rule of thirds, but the direction of eyes in some photos move the viewer's eyes off the page instead of into content.

Costume Design page contrasted with About pageTLDR: Best works highlighted; difficult navigation; captions needed on images; good use of rule of thirds; could improve eye flow on pages


Brandy Giordano:

The strength of this portfolio lies in the documentation of behind-the-scenes work under the Construction heading and documentation of conceptual work. When on the landing page, it is not immediately clear that the navigation categories are dropdown menus and that the viewer is looking at only one realized work instead of an entire portfolio of realized works. Additionally, when a viewer clicks on an image, they lose access to any captions explaining the work. However, the placement of the conceptual work next to the realized work is very powerful.

TLDR: full creation process documented; menu and landing page unclear; images need captions


Nan Zhou:

This site features a clean and inviting landing page and clear navigation with all works visible in the left-hand panel. The layout of each project is consistent, with sketches appearing at the top followed by performance images. The site could improve from some minor visual corrections; the font heading on the Resume page does not match other headings and some font colors do not have enough contrast (e.g. the "About me" black text and the buttons on the Contact page). Including captions for the images would make the site more accessible.

TLDR: clean landing page; clear navigation; inconsistent fonts and colors; images need captions

Sound Design Portfolio Examples

Elliott Yokum:

Yokum prominently features a video highlight reel of their work on the landing page of the site with portfolio works broken into six categories. The site employs several video and audio examples throughout along with excellent use of white space. In addition to multimedia, narrative explanations accompany the works. The Resume link opens a Word doc and leaves the site; it would be better to make this download optional and to post the resume as a PDF.

TLDR: video summary of work; variety of multimedia; white space; use PDF instead of Word files


Emily Duncan Wilson:

Wilson has a visually interesting home page; however, the image slideshow does not meet accessibility standards because it cannot be controlled by a viewer. Viewers should be able to pause/stop any graphics with motion. On the Productions page, Wilson shows a visual summary of her works with links to each production; on the individual pages, she employs a variety of multimedia, like SoundCloud embeds and video embeds. On the Productions main page, the links for Hamlet and The Plot open in a new tab; these pages should not open in a new tab since they are part of the same website. The Press page contains a strong representation of reviews of Wilson's work; the number of reviews does not overwhelm the reader and the key points are emphasized in each review.

TLDR: viewers should be able to control image slideshow; strong use of multimedia; some pages should redirect to internal links rather than open in new tabs


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