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TH490: Senior Capstone in Theatre ePortfolio Resources: Planning Your Site

Color Scheme

Choosing a Color Scheme

Your e-portfolio should have a consistent color scheme. The best color schemes are built using color harmony rules; watch the video below to learn more about color and color theory.

Use the following resources to build a color scheme:

For your portfolio color scheme, think either "light mode" or "dark mode" on your phone or computer—you need a background color that contrasts with the font and accent colors you choose. Don't pick colors, even monochrome greys, that are too close in shade or hue to your background as this will diminish the readability of your site.

When choosing a color scheme, keeping it simple is best. Many modern-looking sites employ black/dark grey text on a white background or vice versa with accent colors for emphasis or to draw the eye.

Go back to the Inspiration tab and notice the color schemes used on the example portfolios. What color scheme best represents you and your brand? What changes can you add to make it your own?

Color Accessibility Tools

Ensure your colors are accessible by checking the contrast using one of the following tools:

Remember that color alone should not be used to convey meaning. Use size, bold, italics, and underlines in addition to color when emphasizing or drawing attention to important design elements.

Graphics & Buttons

Creating Custom Graphics, Headers, & Buttons

To personalize your e-portfolio and add visual interest, you may want to create custom visuals for your site. Use the resources below to build headers, buttons, and other graphics.

Royalty Free or Creative Commons Content

When creating custom visuals, make sure to follow copyright laws by selecting royalty-free or Creative-Commons (CC) licensed images and graphics. Any Creative Commons sources should be cited using the correct CC license.


Resize Images & Create Thumbnails

Resizing and compressing your images will cause your site to load faster. Additionally, depending on your layout, you may need to create consistently-sized images or thumbnails before uploading to Wix. Use the following tools for quick image editing.



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