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Trello: Home

A LibGuide to enlighten others about what Trello is and how it it is being used in the Information Commons program.


Trello is project management and collaboration system that allows you to organize and work with others on any type of project. It gives a visual overview of what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process in one glance. 

Members can discuss a project or a task in real-time. It keeps everybody informed through task assignments, activity log, and email notifications. The organization and collaboration options are simply enough to learn quickly, and complex enough to allow for customization and creativity.

The work you do in Trello is organized in the following ways:

1. Boards: Think of this as a folder - it will hold all of the information related to your project.

2. Lists: Within a board, the columns are called lists. These help you organize or discern steps in a process.

3. Cards: Trello calls this the "fundamental unit of a board." Cards represent tasks, ideas, announcements, or separate pieces of information. You can customize these in a variety of ways - beyond adding a title and description, you can attach files, links, checklists, members, and more. You can also have conversation within the card, and any comments made will be marked with the person's name and the date/time of comment.

Learn more about Trello boards, lists, and cards. Or if you are a hands-on, visual learner, visit Trello's Welcome Board.

​Account Options:

Trello offers four pricing plans- a free account, plus three versions of paid accounts called Gold, business Class and Enterprise. Click here or here to select the best plan for you (note: the free account is very robust and may be sufficient.)

Using Trello



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