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Arts Administration: Sources of Information

This guide highlights available library resources relevant to Arts Administration studies and interests

Sources of Information

Today's proliferation of Web sites and Internet search engines provide a wealth of research sources not available before the creation of the Internet. One needs to be careful, however, because many of the sources easily accessed through Internet search engines, such as Google, and Yahoo may (and often DO!) contain unreliable and/or false information. In addition, queries made using these search engines often produce a large number of irrelevant or minimally useful resources. Sorting through them can be time-consuming!

REMEMBER: using WorldCat Discovery /online library catalogs and commercially-produced subscription indexes and databases is generally a more efficient and reliable method of doing research than "surfing the Net!"

Also, REMEMBER: Work out some of your search strategy before going online! Think about your topic. Write down key terms, concepts, titles, and the names of key people / authors whose thinking or work is relevant to your topic. Be sure to include synonyms of key terms and concepts. Also, consider important geograhic locations and time periods (i.e., geogrpahic and chronological limiters).

Places to look for information:

  1. Online library catalogs - WorldCat Discovery
  2. Commercial (Subscription) Databases/Periodical Indexes
  3. Internet Search Engines (especially Google Scholar)


WorldCat Discovery

Use to find:

  • Books
  • Scores
  • Audio recordings
  • Videos/DVDs
  • Journal subscription/holding information
  • Searches select subscription databases

What It Is:  A search that allows you to discover items in the Butler Libraries' collections and beyond.

What It Searches: Books, ebooks, articles, media, and more.

  • All items physically located within the library
  • Content from 45 of our most popular databases - Articles, E-books, and Streaming Media
  • Items from other libraries worldwide that you can request through Interlibrary Loan

Top Features: 

  • Options / limiters on the left allow you to narrow your search by format, author, date, and more
  • Much more seamless process to request an item through interlibrary loan
  • Log in with your Butler username/password for complete access to all features and online resources
  • If you've used in the past, you will now be forwarded to Butler's customized version when on campus


Electronic/Commercial Databases

Click on "Databases A-Z" on the Butler Libraries' Home Page (

Use to find:

  • Articles in periodicals(journals, magazines, newspapers) on a particular topic. Info provided may include:
    • Bibliographic citations
    • Abstracts - i.e., brief summaries of what the articles are about
    • Electronic full-text versions of selected newspapers, magazines, and journals
  • Electronic full-text versions of selected reference resources
  • Use the "Find it" button from the citation of the work you desire to discover how and where you can access the journal containing the article cited OR ...
  • Use the "Journals A-Z" link on the Butler Libraries' main webpage.


Internet Search Engines

Examples include: Google, Google Scholar, Yahoo, AltaVista, AskJeeves, etc.

The Library strongly urges students to begin by searching Google Scholar! It's available from the "Databases" list.

Use to find websites containing revevant information to your topic, but BE CAREFUL! See page on this LIbGuide on "Evaluating Sources."

Interlibrary Loan

  • This is a service that enables Butler students to have access to library resources NOT OWNED by the Butler Libraries.
  • You must register to use interlibrary loan. You only need to do this once.
    • Go to the Library Home Page (
    • Click on "InterLIbrary Loan."
    • Click on "ILLiad (Interlibrary Loan)."
    • Log on with your usual Butler username and password (the one you use for e-mail and to log on to the computer lab workstations).
    • Edit your "User Profile." Be sure to use/give information for your Butler e-mail account!
    • When you have finished, click on "Submit information." Now you are ready to make ILL requests!
  • When you are in WorldCat Discovery or one of the commercial databases and you find a citation to an article that you would like, click the "View Full Text" or "Request item through PALShare" or "Request Item through Interlibrary Loan" button to be connected to a link to the full-text or to interlibrary loan.



BU Arts Administration student Jessica Martin in front of the IMA

LC Classes and Subjects

KF 27                           Congressional documents.  House.  Monographs by committee and date of initial hearing.

KF 2971 - KF 3192   Regulation of industry, trade, and commerce.  Intellectual Property.

   KF 2971 -KF 2980      General

   KF 2986 - KF 3080     Copyright

   KF 3084                    Author and puboisher.  The publishing contract

   KF 3086                    Design protection

   KF 3091 - KF 3092     Patent law and trademarks

KF 4270 - KF 4330   Regulation of industry, trade, and commerce.  Science and the arts.  Research.

   KF 4288 - KF 4302      The Arts.  (Includes government aid to the arts)

   KF 4305                    Museums and galleries.  Regulations of industry, trade, and commerce.

ML 3795                     Musical life - works about social and economic conditions of the musical profession

NX 1 - NX 820            Arts in general

   NX 1 - NX 260            General

   NX 280 - NX 410        Study and teaching.  Research

   NX 411 - NX 415        Competitions

   NX 420 - NX 430         Exhibitions

   NX 440 - NX 632         History of the arts

   NX 650 - NX 694         Special subjects, characters, persons, religious arts, etc.

   NX 700 - NX 750         Patronage of the arts

   NX 760 - NX 770         Administration of the arts

   NX 775 - NX 777         Voluntarism in the arts

   NX 798 - NX 820         Arts centers and facilities

PN 2000 - PN 3307   Dramatic representation.  The theatre.

   PN 2052                     Dircectories, guidebooks, etc. (International)

   PN 2053                     Management, administration, production, and direction

   PN 2053.5                  Public relations

PN 2291                        Dramatic representations.  The theater. America.  Management, organization, administration

Art and society -- United States

Art boards -- United States

Art commission -- United States -- Management

Art patronage -- United States

Arrts -- Censorhip -- United States

Arts -- Management

Arts -- Management -- Vocational guidance -- United States

Arts -- Studying and teaching -- United States -- Management

Arts -- United States -- Finance

Arts -- United States -- Management

Arts fund raising -- United States -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Arts publicity -- United States -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.

Community arts projects -- United States

Concert agents

Concert promotion

Copyright -- Music -- United States

Cultural industries -- Unioted States

Cultural property -- United States

Government aid to the arts -- United States

National Endowment for the Arts -- Management

Performing arts -- United States -- Management

Public-private sector cooperation -- United States

Theater management

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