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Searching Library Databases: Welcome



This guide was originally created for a group doing historical research using library databases.  However, I hope it will be helpful to anyone interested in an introduction to research using library databases.

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Library databases are organized and searchable sets of information that lead you to a variety of kinds of materials such as books, articles, reports, videos, sound recordings, newspapers, images, plays, and more. 

  • Some databases include information for only one format of material, such as newspapers or videos, but other databases include materials in many formats. 
  • There are databases covering a wide variety of topics, but there are also databases with a very specific subject focus.
  • In some databases, you will be searching only the records that describe an item.  In other databases, however, you will be searching the full text of the the item or a combination of the full text and the record describing the item.
  • Some databases include the item itself (pdf, streaming video or sound recording, image, etc.), but other databases provide a link to the item (or a link to request the item through Interlibrary Loan).  At a minimum, though, the database should provide a citation so that you can find the item elsewhere.


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