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Searching Library Databases: Recording Results

Recording Information

In addition to the options of printing, saving, or emailing search results, most databases have features to generate citations and provide permanent links to the search results.  These can be helpful to record so that you can find the items again.

The location of the buttons for permanent links and citation generators vary depending on the database, but they are usually adjacent to the buttons for printing, saving, and emailing.

Citation Generator Examples

Examples of citation generator buttons are shown below.

search tool citation creator buttons


Permanent Link Examples

Examples of permanent link buttons are shown below.

permanent link buttons

Citation Management Tools

For information, see the Citation Management LibGuide.


You can also use the DOI (digital object identifier), if available, for an article to find it again later.  If you add to the front of the DOI, you will create a link to the article.  For example if the DOI is 10.1353/rhe.2007.0073, the link would be  

If you are off campus, but the libraries have access to the article (and it is not available to the public), you would need to add to the front of the link in order to get prompted to log in with your Butler credentials.  The link for the example above would then be:  

This may be more than you want to know, so just let me know if you have any trouble accessing an article. 


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