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How to Make Digital Assets Accessible: Canvas

A resource to help you create accessible digital assets for your course

Butler faculty have many tools at their disposal to make their courses accessible. In addition to the built-in Canvas accessibility tools, Butler added a new tool, Ally, to Canvas in 2021. This tool provides alternative file formats to students, and it provides course and file accessibility feedback to faculty. Use the resources here along with the guidelines on the prior pages to make your course accessible.

Accessibility Guidelines for Canvas Courses

Canvas & Accessibility Training

For a deeper dive into accessibility and Canvas, complete the Keeping Accessibility Front of Mind training module.

Syllabus Requirement

The Butler University accommodation statement must be included on all your course syllabi. You can find the statement on the SDS website at:

Building a Stylish and Accessible Syllabus in Canvas

Canvas Accessibility Statements

Canvas publishes accessibility information about the Canvas learning management system, Canvas apps, and other tools. View the resources below to learn about browser and screen reader support as well as other accessibility tips and information.

Create Accessible Content in Canvas: Getting Started

Adding Heading & List Structures

Changing Font Size

Font Color Contrast

Adding an External Hyperlink

Inserting an Image and Alt Text

Inserting Read Aloud Audio Clip & Playback Features

Tables & The Accessibility Checker

Message Composition

User Interface Settings


What is Ally?

Ally is an accessibility tool that promotes inclusivity for all students. Ally integrates into Canvas and automatically converts course materials into a variety of different formats. Students are then given the ability to download their preferred format. These more accessible formats range from electronic braille for students with visual impairments, e-book and HTML files for ease of use on mobile devices, and audio for listening and learning on the go.

Ally makes it easy for instructors to update their course content to make it more accessible. The tool integrates into each Canvas course and will scan course materials and give each file, document, and image an accessibility score. Instructors can then see which content in their course needs improvement from an accessibility standpoint. Ally provides step-by-step instructions for how to fix the accessibility issues it detects. 

For more information, see the What is Ally? (Instructors) article in Ask.Butler.

Additional Resources


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