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Resources for Applied Art, Art History, and Visual Culture students at Butler University

What's included on these pages?

This page lincludes readings recommended by the Butler Art+Design faculty. These books have been purchased for specific courses in the Art+Design Program. Each title includes a link to the Butler Catalog for more information.

If you wish to search for additional titles, feel free to use the search bar below to directly search the Butler Libraries Collections:

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ART 105: Intro. to Visual Culture

ART 107: Intro to Drawing

ART 1XX: Process: Design Exploration

ART 303: Photography

ART 304: Depiction (Illustration, Book Illustration)

ART 305: Time and Motion (Animation & Video)

ART 306: Interactive (Web, multimedia, relational)

ART 308: Structure: Graphic Design

ART 311: Function (Packaging, Product)

ART 312: Design: History and Theory

ART 314: Museum as Theatre

ART 315: Postmoderism in the Arts

ART 317

ART 319

ART 322 : Painting

ART 360: Space (sculpture, installation)

PCA 202: Introduction to Art History


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