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MK 380: Principles of Marketing (Chamberlaine)

Company Research Tips

Tips for identifying a company for your research: 

  • Choose one that is familiar. For example, do you already purchase products from a specific company?
  • Identify companies involved in the consumer goods, foodservice, and retailing industries.
  • Look for a public company. More information is available for public companies than private companies. 

Tips for reviewing a corporate website:

  • Look for headings such as "Our Company" or "About Us." 
  • For public companies, look at the bottom of the website for headings such as "Investors" or "Investor Relations." 
  • In the Investor's section look for headings such as "Financials" or "Financial Information" to find SEC filings (ex:  Form 10-K).  Not sure how to find a Form 10-K?  See the tutorial below.
  • Look for a search box or search icon on the website to navigate to specific information. 
  • You can also search for a topic on a company's site using Google.  Example:  sustainability

Important sections of the corporate website often listed in menu headings across the top or bottom: 

  • Press Releases/News  
  • Product Information  
  • Social Media Postings 

TIP:  It is usually easier to find information on a public company.  One reason is that public companies must provide information to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  A helpful SEC filing for company information is the Form 10-K, which can be found under the Investor's section of a public company's website.

Try these tips for finding information on private companies:

  • Look for directory listings, company profiles, and news articles using the databases listed below.
  • Try to find local news coverage in the areas where the company's headquarters or other facilities are located.  Google News is a good source for this.
  • Financials for private companies are often reported as "estimates."  The figures may be outdated by a year or more.  Use with discretion, and always cite your source.
  • Check the Internet.  Many private companies have websites with useful information.


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