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MK 380: Principles of Marketing (Chamberlaine)

Databases (Organized by Broad Topic)

  • If you know the name of the database you need, start with the Databases A-Z tab above.
  • Click on the other tabs to find databases by topic and type of source (ex: Consumers or Wall Street Journal-WSJ).

More detailed reports are available on public companies in the databases than on private companies.  You will also find news about a company in a profile from a database.   

Note: The profiles in company databases are brief overviews and typically do not include specifics on company marketing issues or strategies.  Use other databases to find that information.  (Ex: Use Mintel for information on consumers and products.)

For public companies, see the Form 10-K, which is an annual SEC report (government report). You can find the Form 10-K under the "Investors" section on a public company's website. See the Business section of the 10-K for helpful information on a company's products, customers, supply chain, and more. Also see the 10-K section on "Risk Factors."  For help finding and using a public company's Form 10-K, see the "Company Research Tips" menu on this LibGuide.

  • Mintel is a great resource for consumer information.  
  • Statista will help you find reports, statistics, and infographics.

Use the eBook databases linked below to find free books on business topics for your case study assignments.

  • Business Source Complete has articles on global and supply chain issues.  To find those, try filtering your results to "trade publications." 
  • HeinOnline is a legal research database.  Search for articles or case law using company names or subject keywords (ex:  "insider trading").
  • IBISWorld provides information on supply chain issues within specific industries. If you are researching a company, look for a report for the industry in which the company operates.  (Ex:  Kroger operates within the grocery store industry).
  • Passport is a database for international business research.  It is a great resource for all kinds of information on industries, products, brands, consumers, and more.

Note:  Industry research databases provide information on industries (ex:  grocery store industry), not on companies (ex:  Kroger).  However, you can learn about the industry in which a company operates by reviewing a report in one of the databases linked below. 

  • Business Source Complete and ProQuest One Business are helpful databases for scholarly (academic) and trade publication articles.  Articles from the Harvard Business Review are available in the Business Source Complete database. 
  • The Wall Street Journal often publishes articles on large public companies.


  1. The Eastern edition of the Wall Street Journal database linked below will help you look for articles going back to 1984. 
  2. The Wall Street Journal site license link will take you to the digital edition of the Wall Street Journal ( to search for articles going back four years. (This is the personal WSJ subscription available through Butler Libraries.  If you have not already signed up for your personal WSJ account, follow the directions with the link below to register).


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