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A LibGuide highlighting library databases for English literature research.

Map of Irwin Library Stacks [2nd Floor]

Locating Physical Collections in Irwin Library

Explore the content on this page to learn how to read a book's call number, locate where books are shelved in Irwin Library, and identify the call number ranges for browsing by literature area.

Library of Congress Call Numbers

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Call Number Ranges

Butler Libraries use the Library of Congress classification system. Literary history and criticism pieces are located in several different locations on the shelves. We advise you to search within our catalog to locate specific titles and call number ranges.

The PN subclass deals with general literature, PR is English literature, and PS is American literature. Related sections within those call number ranges are outlined below:

PN 80 - PN 99 (General Literature - Criticism)

PN 441 - PN 1009.5 (General Literature - Literary History)

PN 1110 - PN 1279 (Poetry - History and Criticism)

PR 57 - 78 (English Literature - Criticism)

PS 301 - PS 380 (American Literature - Critical and Historical Works)

The PQ and PT subclasses include literature in the Romance languages (French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese) and other world literatures (German, Dutch, Flemish, Afrikaans, etc). Each of these languages has a section devoted to criticism and/or literary history as well.

Shakespeare falls within the English Renaissance (1500-1640) call number range: 

PR 2199 - PR 3195


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