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*Butler LibGuides: Standards & Best Practices: LibGuide Community

Created for Butler Librarians to help standardize our LibGuides and help make sure they adhere to best practices.

Sharing Butler Content

Creative Commons Attribution LicenseBy default, all Butler University LibGuides should be licensed under CC BY 4.0. There is a reusable box that you can add to the lower left column of your guides.

If you would like to be included personally in the attribution of something significant that you have created, you will need to modify the reusable content license box to include your name and/or title. Please still make sure to include Butler University Libraries so that institutional credit is still given. Inserting librarian names adds a layer of complication, both for others using our guide and on our end for guide maintenance, so we ask that you do this sparingly.

Using Content from the LibGuides Community

When you copy guide content from another institution within the LibGuides community:

Unless clearly marked with a license, ask for permission first.

Attribute the borrowed content.  

  • Place the attribution in a bottom box of your LibGuide page. Attribution should be present on each page that includes borrowed content; so, if the whole guide was borrowed, an attribution box should be placed in the lower left of each page on the guide.
  • Include the following elements in your attribution, unless otherwise specified by the creator:
    • Creator - Hyperlinked back to main library or institutional page. Only list the institution or library name, unless the individual librarian asks to recieved credit as well.
    • Name of Original LibGuide - Hyperlinked back to the original page.


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