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Created for Butler Librarians to help standardize our LibGuides and help make sure they adhere to best practices.


This LibGuide was created specifically for Butler librarians. It lists standards, best practices, and recommendations to follow when creating and updating LibGuides.

We hope this LibGuide can help provide some consistency to the entire Butler LibGuides system. We also hope its linked reusable content can help make it easier and faster to create LibGuide content and instructional activities.

See Examples

Looking for an example of these best practices?  Below you'll find an example LibGuide and outstanding highlights from other LibGuides.

General Support

LibGuides Help

When you are logged into the LibGuides system, click on the Help option in the orange title bar.

Want to Reuse this Content?

Creative Commons Attribution License

You are welcome to reuse the content of this Guide as long as you attribute Butler University Libraries.


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