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Singers' and Choral Directors' Bible

Resources for the classical singer, including how to find repertoire, translations, pronunciations, and pedagogical works. Choral music resources also are included.

General Info

Most books on choral subjects will possess the classification prefix "MT." Books about conducting and organizations will be found in the range "MT36-89"; books about singing and voice culture will be found in the range "MT820-893"; and books having information relating to choral techniques for children's choirs will be found in the range "MT898-949."

Choral Sites

Periodicals Relating to Choral Music

Start your journal browsing here! Be aware: journals ore often held in more than one database.  Once you've clicked the links below into the catalog record, click on "Access Journal" to see a list of databases and what their issue availability is.

Bibliographies published since 2000

Older (and still useful!) Bibliographies


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