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Singers' and Choral Directors' Bible

Resources for the classical singer, including how to find repertoire, translations, pronunciations, and pedagogical works. Choral music resources also are included.

Performing and Visual Arts Librarian

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Sarah Ward


It is my goal to make this guide as dynamic and useful as possible. If you have suggestions of additional resources, sites, or types of information to improve its content, please, use the contact info at the right to send them to me.  Thanks!

Sarah Ward


This guide is designed to help voice students access resources in various formats that support learning and research in the area of vocal studies, including vocal performance, vocal pedagogy, and opera studies. The specific materials illustrated in this LIbGuide are designed to increase awareness of the various kinds and types of resources available to aid in vocal studies mastery and do not constitute an exhaustive list.  They have been selected as a representative sampling designed to help get you started in your lesson and performance preparation and background research.


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