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Singers' and Choral Directors' Bible

Resources for the classical singer, including how to find repertoire, translations, pronunciations, and pedagogical works. Choral music resources also are included.

LC Classes and Subjects for Opera

  • GT 500-GT 2370   Costuming
  • M 1500   Operas & musicals, full scores
  • M 1503   Operas & musicals, piano-vocal scores
  • M 1507   Operas & musicals, excerpts, piano-vocal scores of 2+ works
  • M 1508   Operas & musicals, excerpts, piano-vocal scores of separate works
  • ML 50   Libretti (operas and musicals)
  • ML 102 .O6   Dictionaries, encyclopedias (most of these are "reference")
  • ML 128 .O4   Opera bibliographies
  • ML 410   Composer biographies
  • ML 420   Singer biographies
  • ML1950   Dramatic secular vocal music, history & criticism  
  • MT 955   Musical theater (operas, musical comedies, etc.) - production, direction, costume, scenery, etc.
  • MT 956   Musical theater (operas, musical comedies, etc.) - performing

Useful Databases, Periodicals, and Websites

Selected Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Opera Libretti with IPA Transcriptions

Opera Aria Translations & Interpretive Info

Also, check out several volumes of OPERA LIBRETTI with International Phonetic Alphabet transcriptions, word for word translations, and a guide to the I.P.A. by Nico CASTEL in the REF ML 48 and REF ML 49 areas!

Career Info

Opera Verdi Europa's "Macbeth"


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