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Google for Business Information: Google Tips & Tricks

Tips, tricks and strategies for using Google to find business information on the web.

Google Tips


1.  Use the Advanced Search option in Google.  This allows you to get more specific search results because you can select filters such as dates, file types (ex:  ppt), and domains (ex:  .edu). You will find the Advanced Search option under "Settings" on the Google basic search screen.

2.  Use the Search Tools option that appears below the search box on the results page.  This allows you to narrow or refine your results.

3.  When searching for business information, try combining your keywords with words such as "report" or "study" to learn about research conducted on your topic.

4.  Find trade or professional associations by adding the word "association" to your business keyword search.

See the table below for other shortcuts you can use in a Google search to refine your results.

Google Images with Usage Rights

Before you copy/paste an image (photo, graph, cartoon, etc.) from Google, first make sure you have permission to do so!  Look for images with a Creative Commons license by using the Search Tools button on Google Image Search.

Run your search using subject keywords. From the results page, click on the Search Tools button.  Then select the Usage Rights drop-down list for the appropriate option.

Another great source for images with Creative Commons licensing is

If you use a Creative Commons image, whether it is from Google, Flicker, or another image gallery, you need to give proper attribution (credit to the original source).  See the box below for examples of how to do this.  Or go to the Libguide for "Using Images & Media" for additional information.

How to Attribute your Creative Commons Images

Your attribution should follow this format, which adheres to Creative Commons best practices.

Title of image/video [linked to original image]

by Author [linked to profile page]

under License [linked to license deed]

Click on the tabs above to see examples.


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