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Google for Business Information: Welcome

Tips, tricks and strategies for using Google to find business information on the web.


Welcome to the Google for Business Information LibGuide!

Here you will find tips, tricks, and search strategies for using Google to find business information on the Internet.

I'm not a Robot?

When you first start using Advanced Google search techniques, you may see the message below.  That's because Google is detecting some "unusual traffic" that is different from your usual Google searches.

Google like a Genius!

Before You Google, Ask These Questions

Envision your desired output before your search for it.  Ask these questions: 

  1. Do you need current or historical information? 
  2. Who might publish the information?   Expert?  Educator? Layperson?
  3. What is the author's purpose?  Inform?  Influence? Entertain?
  4. What keywords might be in the title of the website or report?  Examples:  study, report, forecast, survey, overview, recommendations, data, etc.
  5. What format are you looking for?  A presentation?  A market research report?  A spreadsheet? An image?


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