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Children's and Young Adult Literature: Online Books/Plays/Poetry

guide to children's and young adult literature resources

Finding online children's books with Discovery

The suggestions shown below can help you to find online children's and young adult books through the library catalog. 

Enter su="juvenile fiction” in the Discovery search box (or su=”young adult fiction” or su=”juvenile nonfiction” or su=”young adult nonfiction”, depending on what you want to find).  You can then use the limiters on the left side of the results page by checking the box for Butler University Libraries in the Held By Library limiter and checking the box for eBooks in the Format limiter.  You may also want to use the limiters to adjust the date range or select biography as a content type or select a subject.  Here is an example of limiting a search to the last 4 years.

Children's books online

Through INSPIRE, the library has access to the following e-book collections:

The following collections are open to the public:

Plays Online

Poetry Online

The Poetry Foundation site includes poems that are suitable for children

Examples of children's books available to all online


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