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CME109: Survey of the Recording Industry (Armstrong): Articles

Recommended Sources of Articles


Using your Keywords

There are a few simple ways to use your keywords to improve your searches:

 Quotation Marks

If you are using a phrase with terms that should be found together, you need to make this clear to your search engine by placing the terms in quotation marks.

Ex. "sony entertainment"


 Combine your Keywords

Combining your keywords leads to more effective searches. There are a few easy ways to do this:

Good Search String examples:

"indie labels" and profit         university and "concert booking"         recording or audio         university or college


Finding Full-text Material -- Find it Button

The Find it! button will appear on a record if the title is not full-text within a particular database (if, for example, only the title and abstract are available through the database, not the entire article). 

To see if we have access to the item, in another database electronically or in print, click on the Find it! button.  A window will pop up and direct you to the resource, if available, 

Keywords with Multiple Endings

Truncate your keywords to find plural and multiple variant word endings:

record*  = record, records, recording


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