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FYS: The Noisy Cloister (Keating): Image Attribution

Creative Commons Images

Citation: Grand Canyon Celebratory Gathering June 15, 2011 by Grand Canyon National Park. Creative Commons Attribution

Note: You are welcome to use the abbreviation (CC BY) or the button icons for the Creative Commons license if you don't wish to spell out the entire thing.

Bird flying the sky

Citation: freedom.. by anvay nakade. Used under CC BY-NC-ND

Note: No edits were made since the license includes ND (no derivatives).

Public Domain Images

Citation: 1710 moll. By Herman Moll, from Princeton University Library's To the Mountains of the Moon: Mapping African Exploration, 1541-1880. Public Domain.

Note: There was no user page to link to Herman Moll.

On the ground looking directly up at the Statue of Liberty.

Citation: Statue of Liberty by Free-PhotosUsed under CC0

March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Joachim Prinz pictured, 1963

Citation: March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Joachim Prinz pictured, 1963. From the Center for Jewish History, NYC. No known copyright restrictions.

Note: This has a really long title. It could be shortened if needed. Also, the language on the page was "no known copyright restrictions, so that was kept the same in the citation.

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