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World Music

This guide provides basic resources for the study of World Music (MH 308).

Reference Resources

Books & Articles

Use the WorldCat Discover Box (found on the Butler Libraries homepage) to begin your search for print books owned by Butler Libraries, PALNI (Private Academib Library Network of Indiana) Libraries and other WorldCat Libraries around the world.

You can select "Books" from the limiter list on the left-hand side of the screen when you get the results from your initial search so that the results list only shows books.

The books owned by the Butler Libraries will have the following at the bottom of the brief record for the item:

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The Butler Libraries use the Library of Congress Classification system.  This is an alpha-numeric system of classification (meaning it uses both letters and numbers to describe the classification and location of an item).

Here are some useful basic LC classes for music:

M = Scores

ML = Music History & Literature

ML100-109  Dictionaries and encyclopedias

     ML105-107  Bio-bibliography

ML113-158  Bibliography

     ML134  Composer catalogs, thematic catalogs, A-Z

ML159-3797  History and criticism

     ML 198-350.5  By region or country

ML 198-239  America

ML 240-325  Europe

ML 330-345  Asia

ML 350-350.5  Africa

    ML1620197  By time period

     ML385-429  Biography

          ML410  Composers, A-Z

          ML416-421  Performers, A-Z

MT = Musical Instruction and Study (scores or books)

MT3  History of music education

MT5.5-7  Music theory

     MT6.5  Collections of music for analysis

MT90-146  Analytical guides

MT170-810  Instrumental techniques

MT820-949  Voice instruction





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