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World Music

This guide provides basic resources for the study of World Music (MH 308).

Books & Articles

Use the WorldCat Discover Box (found below and also on the Butler Libraries homepage) to begin your search for print books owned by Butler Libraries, PALNI (Private Academic Library Network of Indiana) Libraries and other Libraries around the world.

The Butler Libraries use the Library of Congress Classification system.  You can learn more about it under the Classifications Systems section of this guide. This is an alpha-numeric system of classification (meaning it uses both letters and numbers to describe the classification and location of an item).

To browse the stacks, it is useful to know the basic LC class for the general topic you want to find.  Here are a some common topics to get you started:

M = Scores

M1627 Songs, international

M1629 Songs, United States

M1630.18 Popular music

M1685-M1853 National music (vocal) by country

ML = Music History & Literature

ML100-109  Dictionaries and encyclopedias

ML113-158  Bibliography

ML159-3797  History and criticism

     ML 198-350.5  By region or country

ML 198-239  America

ML 240-325  Europe

ML 330-345  Asia

ML 350-350.5  Africa

ML3544-3776: Folk, national, and ethnic musics

ML3550-ML3562: North America

ML3556: African American music

ML3557: Music of Indian nations and tribes

ML3563: Canadian music

ML3565: West Indies & Caribbean music

ML3570-3572: Central America (including Mexico)

ML3575: South America

ML3580-ML3730: Europe and Russia

ML3740-3758: Asia & Middle East (including Turkey)

ML3760 Africa

ML3770 Australia

ML3771 New Zealand

ML3774-ML3775 Oceania

ML3776 Jewish music

ML3798 Ethnomusicology

ML3799 Ethnomusicology--Addresses, essays, lectures; History and criticism; Fieldwork

ML3799.2 Applied ethnomusicology

MT = Musical Instruction and Study (scores or books)

MT3  History of music education

MT5.5-7  Music theory

     MT6.5  Collections of music for analysis

MT90-146  Analytical guides

MT170-810  Instrumental techniques

MT820-949  Voice instruction


The best place to find individual titles of eBooks is searching in the Butler University Library Catalog (WorldCat).  In addition to searching for books individually, there are several online collections of eBooks that you can browse.  Several of those are listed below.  You are welcome to find out more on the eBook LibGuide, including how institutional eBooks differ from ones you would use personally, which devices are supported by each collection, how to search and download chapters and titles, and more.

Reference Resources


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