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All About eBooks: Basic Info

Butler's eBook Collections

Looking for popular fiction?

Don't forget your public library! Many offer ebook lending with your library account, and they specialize in different types of content than what you'll find in our collections.

Using Butler's eBooks

Here's what you need to know about using Butler's ebooks:

  1. TabletIt's a different process than downloading ebooks for personal use or even from the public library system. The process also differs depending on which particular collection you are wanting to use. This guide provides directions for accessing and downloading ebooks within each of our ebook collections.
  2. You can borrow thousands of ebooks through our system for free. You can access them from on and off-campus. You can use ebooks on your iPads, laptops, e-readers, etc. However, there are compatibility issues with certain devices and collections.  When you download a book, you may have to create accounts, add programs, or be subject to a loan period.  You also want to be sure to download the book to the device you plan to read from, as transferring files is not always possible.  Your best bet is to read from your computer browser.
  3. Some Butler ebooks restrict the number of simultaneous users so that only one person can access the book at a time. If you find that an ebook you need is already in use, LET US KNOW.  We're happy to explore options and potentially add more copies to the collection. 
  4. Some Butler ebooks are restricted to a loan period. Times for loan periods can vary, but normally the length of the loan will be 7 or 14 days. After your loan period has past, the book will expire automatically and no longer be available on your device.
  5. All Butler ebooks can be accessed via WorldCat Discovery. Start your search there, then use this LibGuide for additional viewing and downloading directions for each ebook provider.

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