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All About eBooks: Cambridge Core

About Cambridge Histories

Supported Devices

TabletComputer monitor 

Cambridge ebooks download as pdf files (one chapter at a time). These can be read on any device with a pdf reader.

Using a Cambridge Histories eBook

You can browse or search for books within Cambridge Core.

The front page has a main search box, and you can select the option to limit the results to just what you have access to.  Or, you can browse by subject.

Click on a book's title to proceed.

Each book's page has several valuable components:

1.  Publisher information - specific to each volume

2. Search within this book - looks for your term throughout the full text of the book

3. Tools menu - helpful tools for bookmarking, printing, and citing

4. Table of contents - allows downloading of each chapter as a pdf


It is not possible to download the entire book at once, but you may download each chapter separately as a pdf. To access a chapter, click on its PDF link in the Table of Contents.



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